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Ask Benny The Cat

Zen of Ben

You most likely remember me from the days when I was a frantic day-trader. I was wild and crazy, but very accurate! I don't day-trade anymore because I made my transition to the other side in 2016.

This is my Zen pose. I got to go out back everyday to do my favorite thing... watch birds, lizards, squirrels and occasionally catch one just for play. I don't usually play too hard. My enemies are the blue jays and the neighborhood cats. They just annoy me.

My mom and dad cleaned my teeth almost everyday and it's okay now that I have know that they were helping me. I would have done it myself, but I don't have thumbs.

I loved my mom and dad's friends because they played bat-a-bird with me and love me up.

I loved my fans too. You are all cat lovers so you understand that we are special. My life was really good. 
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